Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Easter Celebration With Beautiful Traditional Essence

easter is one of the central religious feasts in the Christian liturgical year. According to the faith of Christian scripture, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Some of the Christians celebrate this day as the resurrection on easter day or Easter Sunday and also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday, two days after the Good Friday and three days after Maundy Thursday. The day of Easter is a lovable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. This day is connected to the Jewish Passover by much of its symbolism, as well as by its own position in the calendar.

In the year of 2011, the day of easter sunday will fall on April 24, 2011. This day of Easter is a beautiful feast, which means that it does not transpire on the same date every year. On this day Easter is celebrated in both the religious and secular ways by many Christian families all throughout the world. This day of Sunday holiday 2011's traditional customs include the Easter Vigil, lighting of the Paschal candles, singing hymns, baptisms chanting of the Easter Proclamation and readings from the Old Testament, confirmation and Holy Communion.

The Easter day is a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death by crucifixion some 2,000 years ago. For those of the Christians, Easter is a day of religious services and the gathering of family. On this day the main attraction is the greetings of the day. The easter cards are the most beautiful and easiest way to celebrate Easter. These Easter cards have lots of importance to your love ones and dear ones. These cards have special design of Jesus Christ, Easter egg and starts on it. The beautiful sayings can also be seen in these cards which have great meaning.

The easter eggs or the spring eggs are special eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime. These eggs are a pagan symbol of the rebirth of the life giving planet that is the Earth in celebrations of spring and was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. In the oldest tradition this is to be using dyed or painted chicken eggs, but as the modern custom is to substitute chocolate eggs, or plastic eggs filled with confectionery such as jelly beans. These eggs are sometimes hidden, allegedly by the Easter Bunny, for children to find on Easter morning. Otherwise, they are generally put in the decorated basket filled with real or artificial straw to resemble a bird's nest.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day - The best day to express your feelings

A day which is important in everyone life who love to be cared and protected is the day of love that is the valentine’s day which falls on 14th February every year. The new age group of this modern Valentine's Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the early time of 19th century, handwritten valentines messages have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards. The day of love was first became the associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.

The valentine day ideas are very common and much focused on the day. Few can have innovative deals for it but generally people have ideas like long drive, candle light dinner, romantic parties and travelling together. The Valentine day symbolizes two main colors for being into and that are red and white. Both have there own charm and significance on this day. So to have an idea with these colors mixture can be a great surprise for one whom u loves.

There are lots and lots of hilarious valentines day party themes that you can follow to make the big day rocking. Your Friends can be an integral part of this celebration of love. So, if you’re beloved have opted to make this day a very special one amidst fun, food, and drinks this needs a bit of preparations. The love theme can have lots of red roses and petals all around and the red dress code can be one of the most romantic options.

The day of valentine is famous for its way of celebration and the greetings in it. The valentines day cards are most special way of wishing you lover. These cards can express your feeling in the beautiful and different manner. Valentine cards have designed roses, cupids with arrows and couples together as the printed covers which give your beloved romantic feeling.

valentine day gifts can add charm to the eve with the cards and parties. The valentine gifts can be of various types like chocolates, red roses, perfumes, cupid with blind fold and couples dancing in glass emporium. These small gifts can make a big difference in your life and are best way to impress your love. Apart from this you can have a memorable candle light dinner and can also go for long drive as per your wish.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holi - The festival of colors and joy

When ever we think about the word Holi the very first wish comes to our mind is the word Happy Holi. This event of Holi is really the moment of happiness and joy all over the India and now days it is celebrated on large scale around the world. Holi is the festival of colors and celebrated with lost of sweets and water. The festival of Holi brings people together of every religion and every cast. This beautiful festival of Holi is celebrated on the day of Phalgun Purnima which comes in the month of February end or the early March. Holi festival is an ancient festival from the ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of 'good' over 'bad'. The colorful festival of Holi bridges the social gap and rebuilt the sweet relationships. On this special day, people hug and wish each other 'Happy Holi'.

Over the past years the greeting cards have become a very wonderful way of expressing the feelings of human to anyone. Holi is being such a vital and vibrant festival of India has received a detailed attention of the holi cards manufacturers who portray every possible color and aspect of Holi in their cards in the form of greetings. The cards have special effects and beautiful thoughts which light up the life have and cherish every moment. Colorful cards are very attractive way to make someone say that it’s Holi and may there life be colorful as it is.

The festival of holi is not only about the colors it’s also about the gifts and blessings. The holi gifts are very essential part of this festival. On this day people have lots of ideas to go with and they have many choices to gift as. The very common and best gift on the day of holi is the hamper full of gunjjiyas that is the sweet made up of dry fruits and coconut stuffing’s. Here you can also gift chocolates and dry fruits to your loved ones.

With the gifts hamper you can sent them Holi greetings as the gift is incomplete without them. Greet your friends and family with special holi greetings it is the simplest and best way to make them happy and it is one of the best way to express you joy and happiness towards this festival of colors. People who do not play holi, greeting is the most attractive way to wish them and make that charm on there face as it makes them feel special.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrate Valentines Day with Gifts Cards and Party

The valentine day is fun and frolic festival celebrated in the name of love. On the day of valentine celebration, soul mates and couples share their romantic moment with each other. Aloof of all bitter terms stuck between relationships, they remember gracious days. The lover shares emotion and affections to their intimate companions and assured each other not to leave each other in part of life. As marriages are arranged in heaven itself, so valentine festival is replica of it.

Since earlier, traditions of presenting of gifts and cards have been practiced by our ancestors, so when it approaches closer, gifts gallery decorate shops with valentine theme. As believed to historical report that first valentines day cards was delivered by saint valentine itself. Saint Valentine was priest in period of third century. The people regard him as messenger of love because he outlawed the laws of King Claudius, which banned marriage during his reign.

Despite of cards, another method of imparting emotions is valentines day gifts. The valentine gifts could be presented as a symbol of love. Some uses rose as a symbol of love. Few people decorate their houses with heart-shaped portrait either with balloon or other material. One takes his or her partner in cruise or gateways or for candle light dinner to find space for romance and love. The partners generally want to celebrate day with privacy. Hence they prefer some romantic trip on day. But few want to celebrate day with closed friends and relatives and organize valentines day party.

The festival of valentine day is most important day for lovers. Nature gets renewed during spring, which adds romanticism. As spring is season of fertility and rebirth, commonly believed that birds hunt for mating took place during same season. The day of valentine is observed during spring on 14 February of every year.

Really days of love occur in the same period of spring, which is known for showing love and affection of nature and human. In the pleasant weather of spring, one can give good company to his or her love.